VoIP Solution Providers – The Secret to Finding the Best One

It is very important that you get your service from the very best VoIP solution provider in your area.

In order to do this you need to first identify what your particular requirements are. Everyone has different needs and my needs might be different than yours. That said, there are certain common issues and questions that you should investigate when picking your VoIP solution provider.

Let’s look some crucial areas that you need to pay attention to:

Voice Quality

While many people are willing to go with a VoIP solution provider that offers the lowest price, this is generally not a good idea. After all, you will usually get what you pay for. It’s kind of like the time you bought the cheapest cordless phone you could find. It probably cost you about $20, and the quality was really bad, remember? You always heard a lot of static, you were always dropping calls, you got all sorts of interference from other devices that were on the same frequency, and worst of all — sometimes you could hear someone else’s conversation (which meant sometimes they could hear yours too). Smart consumers and business owners will pay a little more in the beginning in order to insure good quality in the long run. The same applies to VoIP solution providers. Most businesses and many homeowners will be willing to pay a little bit extra to get better voice quality. Spend a little extra money and get reliability and quality. You’ll be glad you did.


There are VoIP solution providers, e.g., Globex telecom, Go-to-call and iCallGlobe, among others, who provide numbers that empower your clients to call a “local number” outside the geographical area code of your office. In other words, you might be in India receiving calls that were dialed into a “local” U.S or U.K number. As a result, your customers are saving money, by being charged according to the local “call tariff.” Not only that — you get the advantage of using your main office area code for other locations you might have around the world. This means that if you are operating or expanding globally, or if you operate a tech support service, you stand to save tons of money.

Technical Support

Many homeowners and business owners are satisfied with switching over to VoIP — until they have to call for tech support. Then they find that the whole experience is so frustrating that they regret switching over. Whether it is the extra time waiting for a straight answer, or simply not being able to connect to a knowledgeable service person, you don’t want to be caught in this trap. The bigger VoIP solution providers should be able to offer you multiple different ways to contact tech support. For example, live chat is one option that can be more convenient than sitting on hold for minutes or hours.


When choosing a VoIP solution provider, it often helps to know the right questions to ask before making an informed decision. I hope this article will help you get started in the right direction.